Partnership & Network Performance

Black Radley Systems helps networks of people
and organisations identify and achieve their common goal.
The wrong type of inter-organisational and inter-functional
tensions causes considerable waste and dysfunction.
We help clarify, navigate and align the key players.

Process and system design

Too much control stifles innovation. Too little control results in anarchy and underperformance. We help organisations and wider networks to clarify the ideal flows of work and to apply that ideal in the real world.
  • Process mapping
  • Lean & Low Cost systems analysis
  • Bespoke programming

Judgement support

Good public service requires good judgement. But a litigious and media-driven environment puts a premium on risk-aversion rather than reflection and wisdom. We design judgement support systems that help capture and spread professional wisdom, whilst providing a decision trail should decisions subsequently be challenged.
  • Expert judgement patterning
  • Automated decision systems
  • Big Data analysis
Example Systems:
  • Impact Equality. The Judgement Support system for non-equalities specialists needing to conduct equality impact assessments.
  • Insight. The benchmarking and best practice system for museums and heritage attractions. Designed to aid maximisation of commercial revenues.
  • Culture Cue Toolkits. For culture leaders and managers to clarify strategic intent in their approaches to philanthropy, enterprise, assets and exhibitions.

Complex problem resolution

The easy problems have been solved. The tough management challenges concern complex, multi-layered issues where there are no clear right answers. We are experienced facilitators of complex adaptive change, moving situations forward with the support and involvement of key stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Options analysis
  • Complex systems models
  • Project management
  • Project support
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